Elephant in the room: Product Managers

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Product Managers can’t really impact the product!

• They can’t code
• They are not good at testing
• They won’t create great designs
• They can’t merge or release code
• They don’t know what competitors are up to
• They often are not able to get the correct data they need

However, what they can do is impact people around them!

It’s all about connecting the right people with the right talent, energy, passion and knowledge and directing them towards the right direction!

You, the Product manager, are the leader that unites the team members and stakeholders around him/her to bring up the best in everyone and create incredible products!

• You ask the right questions.
• You know where to look for answers.
• You know how to use them to reshape your product.
• You transform the user’s feedback into meaningful decisions.
• You help to decide what is worth the focus and what is noise.
• You empower every voice around to help you make the best calls.
• You create communication that helps people understand what you are up to.
• You moderate dozens, hundreds, and thousands of voices into product changes.
• You bring meaning and context to the chaotic and crazy complex world of developing a modern IT product.

You are the elephant in the room. It’s where people look and look up to.

Feel proud of your role and what you enable people to achieve!