Do you know the Types of Products where Product Manager is required

There are different types of products in market and around us where one can think from product manager perspective and grow them. Lets see what are those..

1- Physical products

These are tangible items that can be touched and moved, such as clothing, cars, furniture, and electronics.

2- Digital products

These are intangible items that exist in digital format, such as software, e-books, music, and movies.

3- Services

These are intangible actions or performances that are performed for a customer, such as consulting, education, healthcare, and transportation.

4- Subscription products

These are products that are offered on a recurring basis, such as magazines, streaming services, and membership clubs.

5- Luxury products

These are high-end products that are typically expensive and exclusive, such as designer clothing, fine jewelry, and luxury cars.

6- Convenience products

These are products that are designed to make life easier or more convenient, such as ready-made meals, household cleaning products, and personal care items.

7- Niche products

These are products that are designed for a specific target audience, such as vegan food products, pet grooming supplies, and eco-friendly home goods.

8- Seasonal products

These are products that are designed to be sold during a specific time of year, such as holiday decorations, summer apparel, and winter sports equipment.

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