5 Buckets for Product Management


This bucket involves setting the vision for the product, defining the goals and objectives, and identifying the target market and user needs. It’s about determining what to build and why.


This bucket involves breaking down the strategy into actionable tasks, creating a roadmap, and estimating the resources required to complete the tasks. It’s about figuring out how to build what you’ve decided to build.


This bucket is all about actually building the product. It involves managing the development team, making sure everyone is working towards the same goal, and keeping the project on track. It’s about ensuring the product is built to the specifications outlined in the planning bucket.


Once the product is built, the launch bucket involves introducing it to the market. This includes creating a marketing plan, developing sales materials, and training the sales team. It’s about ensuring the product is successful in the marketplace.


This bucket involves tracking the success of the product over time. It includes monitoring user feedback, measuring key performance metrics, and making updates and improvements to the product as needed. It’s about ensuring the product continues to meet the needs of its users and remains relevant in the marketplace.

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